Saturday, November 20, 2010

sister vintage (like a band of gypsies we go down the highway, pt 1)

last weekend we took a little trip to southern california. though the beach topped the list of places to spend time (post to follow), i always make a point to check out vintage shops in other cities. so it was the perfect opportunity to stop by enid & edgar vintage in los angeles, my shop-crush since crossing paths with them on etsy. i admit that somewhere along mapping the journey that the shy [and lazy] part[s] of me considering not making the stop in silverlake amidst friday evening traffic. but i am so glad that we did!
we were greeted by sandy, one half of the duo that owns the shop (sadly, we had just missed her hubby, jason, and their kids). the shop is totally charming and super inspiring, and sandy is the sweetest person i have met in a long time. while my kids looked around at (read: touched) everything, i enjoyed talking to sandy and snapping a few pictures. terrific vintage for women and men, lots of locally made art and crafts, and just general visual overload (just like we like it at crimson & clover, haha!). we couldn't stay long as we still had a bit of driving to do, but i am happy to say that we will keep in touch on the internets (swap!!!) until our paths cross again...

on the road, wearing the awesome earrings from the box that milla sent me

woo hoo! i am standing in the hanging feather room!
me and sandy, in their lovely lovely shop.

my loot from enid & edgar...locally made feisty deer artwork, vintage belt (thanks, sandy!), and vintage brooch (think i may put it on a necklace...)

next door to enid & edgar is a great little guitar shop called old style. the owner, reuben, makes guitars from recycled parts and handmade bodies, and also carries some awesome vintage guitars and cool guitar straps, among other goodness. check him out!

our actual destination for the trip was newport beach. while we went to college down in orange county, we haven't been back in well over 10 years, and i was looking forward to checking out some of our former haunts. first on my list (yep, vintage!) was Tippecanoes in Laguna Beach. it was unclear online whether the vintage institution (around since the early 1970s, yo) was still in business, and Sandy said it looked closed last time she had been down that way. a phone call revealed that the shop in Laguna had indeed been closed, in favor of spots at two antique malls. sad.
so we decided to check out a newer place that i had never visited called TrashPretty. it was a cute little place where i found an excellent vintage coat (post to follow). while paying, i asked the cute girl behind the register if there were any other good vintage places around town i should check out, and she suggested macalistaire. i was lucky to stop by that day, for there were more sweet people behind this register, they were having a sale, and i snagged the most adorable mustard yellow crochet sweater dress for a mere $10 (post to follow). see, here is where i regret not taking a few photos of these two shops, but just know that you should check them out next time you visit laguna beach...and in the meantime the goodies i bought will be popping up in outfit posts soon (like beginning at the bottom of this post).

one of the very first times i visited laguna beach, i spotted this sign while walking down pch. i couldn't wait to see what shops were there! ugh, nothing but a tailor and a mortgage office....but it remains a very cute sign.

i couldn't decide whether to put the tar pits visit with the vintage-hunting post or the beach post to follow....but fossils are vintage, now, aren't they?

on our way back up toward home, we stopped at the la brea tar pits. given our need to get back on the road, it was an abbreviated visit, but it was terrific and we look forward to going back again (and then wasting the rest of the day away next door at the LACMA).
and can i mention that the guys working in the gift shop at the page museum that day were awesome? i walked into the shop reluctantly, like only a parent understands, but these guys were so warm and welcoming it made me want to stay and play all day. and when i was purchasing a patch to add to my collection, one of them found an old museum patch and gave it to me as a gift (and he didn't even know it was my birthday!).
they had just made a couple discoveries at project 23 that morning, and when we stopped by to check it out, i noticed that a couple of the diggers maintain a blog. yikes, i hope they don't mind me calling them diggers?

if someone broke into my house and set up a lighted wall displaying a huge collection of fossilized dire wolf skulls, i would not be sad.

meet antique bison. i love the way, from the side, its shoulder blades give the appearance of wings. like a [big] little buffalo angel....

cleaning the windshield on the way home. wearing old holey grateful dead tee, vintage red cardi, vintage leopard skirt.

back home. with rain imminent, i played with my vintage umbrellas before heading to school for parent-teacher conferences (ah, back to reality). wearing vintage fringed sweater tunic from macalistaire in laguna beach, vintage white gauze dress, vintage belt, old brown leggings, vintage bort carleton boots.

p.s. fifty [followers] is nifty....guess i should do a giveaway, right? so what do you suggest? something vintage, something handmade, something blue...?


  1. great post, sounds like a good birthday weekend away! The tar that smell.Congrats on the 50 followers...and more to come

  2. Dire wolf skulls, please! Take one take two take two hundred! Love love love this post. And love the earrings on you. They were made for you (by my genious friend Callie.)! I love it!

  3. I'm sure whatever the giveaway is will be magical! I am really excited about the last few dresses I got Saturday... thanks for stocking my closet!

  4. It looks like you had a lovely trip- my travel bug is starting to itch looking at your pictures. I want to go find gorgeous shops and bury myself in a pile of dresses, wander down unknown streets and marvel at the things we humans put in museums. Clues for ourselves- but what do they mean?

    As always- your outfits are inspiring :)

    Thanks for being such an awesome commenter over on my blog- it gives me the giggles. As for the giveaway, well.....I'm partial to a pretty dress :)

  5. What a wonderful, wonderful trip down south! Nothing beats spending some sweet, quality time with the family! Definitely long overdue for us, and reading this post, makes me want to plan one now - over to your neck of the woods.

    That sweater tunic (with fringe!!!) is amazing! I love that you layered it over a white gauze dress - quite stunning!

    Extremely excited for the give away - I'd love to possibly win a signature fhf piece!

    An extremely huge thank you, for your kind words - sister vintage of the north!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  6. Oops! Apparently, I was signed is as the husband. The last comment was supposed to be from me ... e&e.

  7. something hand-made!

    wolf heads, and you would not be sad. looks like you had some good adventures.

    congrats on your followers and for this post being mentioned in the lovely Juniper's to your next 150 followers, and many more roadtrips.

  8. sounds like a blast!
    i live near laguna beach, i'll have to check out those shops. i love that sweater you bought and the earings milla sent you!

  9. Hmm, I wonder if my husband would object to me plastering one of our bedroom walls with owl pictures and hanging a tree limb from our ceiling as a dress rack?... so inspiring!!!

    What a fun action packed weekend, and gosh you look beautiful in that blue dress. The earrings from Milla went so perfectly with it.

    Oh, and my sweater dress totally wants to come hang out with your fringe tunic ;)

  10. Happy Thanksgiving! Many blessings to you and your family on this day.