Sunday, April 17, 2011


saturday at the shop

lots of new fhf jewelry

(vodka necklace is sold )


the branch that i found with my husband at the river monday (above, with poached mugwort peeking out of my bag--sorry, but i was too impatient to wait for my mail order seeds to grow! luckily it seems to be adjusting to its new home, so at least i didn't steal and kill...) went up to hang some of our necklaces above the table at the shop (below)

hope everyone enjoyed their weekends. xo

p.s. still time to enter my giveaway....


  1. every time you do a outfit post, a freakin' flower blooms. fantastic neckwear kitten!

  2. Oh, wow you got some mugwort! I have a stand of it growing outside my house. I didn't notice it for about eight years. After a friend pointed it out I felt like I'd been waltzing past a pot of gold. The picture of you with it in your bag and your walking staff is really beautiful. You look like you're about to undertake a great adventure.

  3. PS. Awesome score on the mugwort. whatcha gonna do with it?

  4. hmmm. what can i say besides what i always say? your casual weekend outfit is gorgeous. i love that soft peachy color. and then the shredded tee shirt under the flowery print....hello. love.
    and feathers! and leather! woman, you are killing me. you would be such a big hit at this bellydance festival i go to every year in sebastapol. all that leather and feather would make everyone swoon.

  5. I've actually seen a few shops doing the tree-branch-as-necklace-stand thing now, I want to try doing that at home. I love the little flowers from the first photo, embroidered?

  6. Hahahha-vodka necklace! Your creations rock, amaze and this time also, entertain. These outfits have such a spring feel, light and airy and flushed with sunshine. What happy days. You wild-crafting, pouch and staff and all, makes a beautiful image.

  7. I'ma need to see more photos of that white peasanty blouse up there please.

    Man lady, you are just churning out one piece of amazingness after another!


  8. I think one of my favorite things about your style Nicole is the genius ways that you mix soft and pretty elements against tougher pieces with more of an edge, I really love that. Whether it's a beat up vintage tee and jeans mixed with a lovely beaded cardigan, a delicate white Victorian dress worn with a leather harness, a soft ladylike floral over a shredded tee (I want to see that whole outfit so bad, btw!), or any of your wonderful denim and lace combinations... you always pull it off spectacularly and inspire us all in the process :)

  9. your necklaces look so lovely hanging on that branch in the shop. :) keep up the amazingness. peace & love!