Tuesday, December 13, 2011

keep your toes pointed

a few months ago i found a couple old programs from the ballet russe de monte carlo at an estate sale.

from dancer photos--posed or candid-- to costume sketches to the advertisements, there is a ton of inspiration. if i had time i would have scanned every tattered page...

then, at a book sale benefiting the local library, i found a couple annette kellerman pamphlets. actually, all that is left is the cover and some photos of ms. kellerman, but those are the best parts anyway:

perhaps if i take to dressing like her--complete with bracelet worn above the elbow!-- when i exercise, i will do it more often

i have been really terrible about taking outfit pictures lately, but here's a set from way back in november:

i thrifted [with audible gasp] this midcentury floor length strapless gown a couple years ago, it had stains and a couple holes along its hem which i vowed to correct at some point. more recently i decided to give it a choppy new haircut and just wear the damned thing as a day dress rather than letting it sit in my to-do heap any longer....


  1. You are so beautiful Nicole. I love the pictures and the tone on your personal pix. See ya tomorrow! I am going to bring my Rob Halford leathers with me :)

  2. I like the dress cut choppy. The belt is a natural touch too. oh yes! Annette Kellerman, love the scarf...makes her excercise look just that bit more boheme. you're gorgeous lady!

  3. love choppy. that's my kind of alteration. have you ever seen the turn of the century russian ballet photos? let me go see if i can find some for you. they are FREAKY amazing and right up your alley. I'LL BE BACK.

  4. Such cool things to find! And I like what you did with the dress. I've been a bit bad taking photos lately myself, I'm still posting things from back in November too.

  5. beautiful belt!


  6. What finds! I love ballet inspired wares. I'm with Brigit on the photos of the Russian ballet. Mind-blowing.

  7. I'm taking Clover to see a local production of the Nutcracker this weekend. A first for us both! She started taking a ballet class about a month ago and is SO into it, it's adorable, and she is loving all things ballet right now :)

    The old programs are wonderful, nice finds, and course you look amazing as always and, with your alteration, the dress has a bit of a delicate ballerina-esque vibe to it as well.

  8. Sacramento has the best estate sales. I used to go garage/estate sailing all the time as a teenager. I found some treasures I still use to this day! Thanks for sharing your finds!