Tuesday, December 27, 2011

nevada city--->newport beach--->north pole

how does that christmas carol go? "...all is calm"? well, not here it hasn't been calm. december is, was, and has been a potpourri of a busy shop, field trips, faires, festivals, family, and a road trip to boot. an abridged version of the week of solstice/xmas went something like this...

my daughter and i brought crimson & clover up to nevada city again for the holiday bizarre. our booth was perched up on a stage, which made for brave shoppers and a dramatic black backdrop into which my vintage ossie clarke-ish (on a budget) black ensemble blended...

my assistant was very well dressed in a vintage mini dress and fur hat as well as a fringed leather purse that was originally gifted to me by milla...

i was super-neglectful of taking photos as i wandered the bizarre, but i had the pleasure of visiting a multitude of beautiful bizarre people, among them the lovely ladies of gather, violet folklore, moonshine junkyard, and velvet leaf with a cameo by astral boutique and a visit from our kerry. i didn't do too much shopping, but i could (and may..should? will!) well do a separate post about treasures from the bizarre.
the morning after the bizarre it was back into the car for a trip down to the o.c. to visit with extended family and enjoy the solstice....

the sunset and eventual darkness of the drive down led to a gloriously bright next day at the beach...

i was a good girl and did NOT remove the remains of this barn owl from the state beach...but probably only because i lacked a way of safely transporting it ;)

we made our way back home where we were greeted by a package all the way from the north pole--i mean, northwest. fairy godmother milla struck again, this time with a box for my daughter overflowing with fantastical books and a top secret private girltimey letter....

last year we pledged to exchange only handmade (by us) gifts this xmas with a few members of our extended family. as i worked on a bracelet for my brother in law (the quartz one, on top), i had ideas for more that incorporated geode slices from my stash (bottom) that are now at c&c...

i hope everyone is surviving and thriving in this holiday season. take care.


  1. that fringe purse is so gorgeous. i've been on the search for almost 2 years now for one that is both amazing and affordable. i love the color of that one. usually i see them in darker colors, but that one looks like butter. easily spreadable. *wink*

  2. I have to say, I like your girl's style. And yours too, naturally. Those are pretty cool bracelets, lucky fams! That's an amazing beach N. Only 6 months till our visit...i want to visit EVERYWHERE!!!! (course that's impossible) Wishing greatness your way.

  3. Loving the new FHF cuff creations. I also love the pic of the boy. so cute.

  4. wow! those bracelets are awesome!

    your daughter's outfit is amazing. i love it!

    you know, i live in newport. wish i coulda met you at the beach :D

  5. Your family is so beautiful & inspiring Nicole. As you know, I am just smitten with Kama.

    I was looking at the WHS website yesterday and I saw that there is only one spring session, so I guess that makes planning things a bit easier. I messaged all the girls about the possibility of going. Let's keep in touch about it.

    I do so hope you like the dress Kerry got for you from my booth at the Bizarre! She was so sweet, said you've done so much for her that she wanted to show her appreciation. And guess what!? I found the same dress in red the other day! Crazy.

    Oh and those bracelets are gorgeous my friend! You continuously amaze me.

  6. Oh I'm so glad the package made it. Those books have been nagging me with wanting to depart for MONTHS now and I hope K found some in there that she could enjoy. I hope she didn't think it too weird for someone to just positively avalanche (I'm using "avalanche" as a verb-weird.) her with literature, but it was just too tempting having been such a big reader myself when I was her age. It was such a trip down memory lane, catching all those books again and re-reading more than a few.

  7. I have to agree with Anne, those bracelets are awesome. I can't blame you being tempted to whisk away the remains of that owl though, I'd have wanted to as well!