Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fairies Wear Boots

a while back kerry and i were talking about those times when you don't feel like you have anything at all to blog about. she suggested that during those less inspired moments i do little posts about stuff from my closet. so here's one.
i decided to start with boots, if for no other reason than it gave me a reason to post the black sabbath video at the end of the post....and because i have a lot of boots. and with regard to the latter reason, i needed to narrow and decided to focus on my simple solid color (read: boring) boots this time around...

repeat after me: bort carleton. this american brand was creating amazing stacked heel leather boots in the 60s and 70s that rival, or perhaps surpass, the quality of frye boots. these are my everyday boots. when the ones on the right started to split and required a second resoling, i hunted down the pair on the left to replace them....but i still wear the older beat-up pair more often, and will probably continue to do so until my cobbler says there's nothing more he can do to fix them.

these are the tall girls, the ones that cover up ugly knee caps: 80s black suede, brown leather contemporary fryes (blech, love the boots but hate that they now produce their classic american boots in china), and 60s buff suede.

best in show: 70s sbicca platforms. need i say more?

i, along with you and you and you, am drooling over maison martin's new carpet ankle boots. if there's any way i could manage add them to my little boot army, i would...though i would probably feature them in my post about my boots that have fun details, presumably to be called "bells and whistles" or something like that....


  1. i really don't like you anymore, you mean, mean lady. your boot collection is amazing and i am dying of jealousy.

  2. well, one of the mysteries of the (my) world has been revealed. why do you always look so damn hot? because if your wardrobe is anything like your boot collection, you are rolling in options. if those were my boots, i would sit on the floor with them all around me and pet them. ok. that was weird.

    no, but really...they are all wonderful and i especially love the 70s platforms. thank you for including the names too, since i often see styles i like but don't know how to translate that into looking for something for myself. xoxo

    p.s. blogger isn't letting me comment as terrallectualism, but it's me...mary :)

  3. I ALWAYS notice your boots, I have one pair of knee high, orangey tough leather boots with gummy soles. And I will be so sad when they cark it. I'm going to look forward to more of these wardrobe posts.

  4. I'm with Brigit!

    I do always admire your boots, in photos, but mostly in person. Those platforms are unreal.

    Bummer about Frye! I didn't know that.

  5. LOVE this! And, yes.. why is it so hard to let go of those old boots? Mine are pretty trashed at this point and I just can't quit wearing them. I really should be nice to them and take em in for a fixin' :D

    Love your collection- a girl could never have too many boots!!!!

  6. yes! boots!super-nice collection... I love my Bort's...I think Bort Carleton is kind of a West Coast secret brand.

  7. boots boots boots! i've been obsessed with boots lately, my fall through winter staple. thank you for sharing these!

  8. dig the boots. I am browsing the webs for a pair of boots right now. energy is back up , and the hunt is on.

  9. I've always been such a boot girl, so I too am quite envious. I can't even imagine what your "bells and whistles" collection must look like, some sort of boot wonderland, I supppose!

    For me thrifting a perfect pair of boots is definitely one of those holy grail type finds.

    I think Kerry is on to something here, I for one would love regular peeks into your magical closet, keep 'em comin'!

  10. Who needs a reason to post a Sabbath video? :D That was one of my favourites songs as a teen. And yeah, those 70's platforms are ah-mazing, I am jealous. The carpet booties are cute but I'd probably be paranoid about getting them dirty.

  11. nice! and those were only the solid colors!?? i can only imagine what all the others look like. my faves are the platforms. amazing!