Saturday, January 7, 2012

tunnel vision

this week i needed some quartz points and other bits for some new jewelry i am working on, so the kids and i ventured to ology in old sac. whenever we go to old town sacramento, we always park in one of the garages that allow us to walk through the pedestrian tunnel that leads to old town. in that tunnel unfolds a beautiful piece of artwork in which i revel each time i visit....

the mural, which stretches almost the entire length of the tunnel [and appropriately enough for this day features many crystal points!], was created by Juanishi Orosco, Daniel Orosco, and Joe Orosco in 1982. Juanishi Orosco is a member of the Royal Chicano Air Force,
a collective responsible for murals here in town as well as at Chicano Park down in San Diego and elsewhere. Juanishi could paint half the city and I'd be happy.

i wasn't planning on blogging about the mural or i'd have taken more photos--but i hope local readers will take the opportunity to visit it sometime soon--it is guaranteed brighten you day.


  1. I like the contrasting colors with the mural and your sweater. pretty.

  2. Yes, your sweater looks gorgeous in there. And is Old Sacramento a place my fams and i should visit when we're up that way?

  3. Murals are the best backdrops. You look fabulous and the contrasting colors compliment each other fully. Love it.

  4. I agree with Milla, murals make for perfect backdrops. Love how your sweater appears to be popping right out of this awesome one onto your body! It's amazing how much character and beauty a well done mural can bring to a town. We're lucky to have quite a few rad ones here in Santa Rosa too.

    p.s. Yes, the Spring symposium is definitely looking like a very real possibility :D

  5. i love that you post about this mural...there are so many things like that, i think, little things of gladness that nourish us every time we come across them, yet sometimes they remain little joys shared alone. there are little sidewalk stencils all over this city that give me a zing every time i come across them, but it's always a private little glee.

    btw, do you know about the white elephant sale?

    you have to pay for the preview sale, and the free market is in march. i thought it might be up your alley, and accessible with a drive from sac...don't want you to miss out on nothin'!

  6. beautiful! murals are awesome. i love that it has the crystal points. did you find some that day? i bet you did :D

  7. Wow, I so remember that tunnel from when my parents would take my sister and I to Old Sac when we were kids (we loved Evangeline's!).

  8. You match! We should do a photoshoot there...

  9. that is such beautiful tunnel art! what a great way to enter a town. <3 happy 2012!
    ps. i changed my link if you'd like to update- the old one doesn't connect.
    peace & love!!