Wednesday, April 25, 2012

april 25th babies

 ella fitzgerald

 albert king

 al pacino

 my mom!

 happy birthday to my mom and all the april 25 babies out there, and a belated birthday wish to my aunt who was born just one year and nine days before my mom
hey tia, what'd you do with that dress? i want it ;)


  1. oh man, your momma is RAD! good birthday influences too ;)

  2. Thanks for the birthday greetings--

    Great photos, especially the ones that that you're in :-).

    Love you, mom

  3. aw! am i right in thinking you take after your mom? you gots some good genes (jeans?) there. happy birthday to your mom and auntie!

  4. Yes, it appears gorgeous dark haired beauties run in your family! Belated happy birthdays to your mom and auntie!

  5. What gorgeous (and cool looking) women, birthdays abound. x